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This is a movement about restoring Alabama's integrity, about making Alabama’s citizens the real priority in Montgomery.  We need someone in this office who will work for every single person in this districtnot for one or a few special interests. This is a campaign that says that the hard-working families of Alabama deserve better than an economy that is ranked 48th in the nation with a 17.1% poverty rate, an education system that's 46th, and a quality of life ranked 43rd.  

These are the hidden costs we pay when the State does not seriously invest in its people, when the needs of the few come at the expense of the many. I know this; it is my personal experience. I know first-hand how exhausting it is to be poor, to struggle as a working parent to make sure my young children had basic necessities.  That's why I know that it's time to invest in all Alabamians, not just the ones represented by big interest groups and Lobbyists. 

I am running for Alabama Senate because I believe that we need representatives with a genuine passion for public service and an earnest belief that we CAN do big things in Alabama, that together we can restore integrity in our State Government

I value you,

Lindsey Deckard



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